are you feeling the energy of change?


are you feeling the energy of change?



Questions (Just about) Everyone is Asking:

Can I do what I love and make money?

How can I do something about the state of the world?

How can I wake up and feel alive - everyday?
I know what I am good at, but what is my purpose?

Finding your answers is simple - and you don't have to do it alone.


What If We Could Just Dream It Up?

What If We Could Just Dream It Up?

Well, it turns out WE can!

It Starts with One Simple Powerful Intention:


Awaken the Heart, and Purpose Finds You.
— MysterE

Why it works so well

Why it works so well

When I Align with the moon, I Align with Purpose...


MysterE's journey has taken him to study with and serve fascinating people from around the world, from spiritual gurus to fortune 500 CEO's.

He has cultivated a methodology to guide people to align with the lunar cycle to accelerate the momentum of self-discovery.


20 minutes a day from your home or office to shift your life into purpose.

and, as always the course is a gift.

Included in this Course:

• 14 Inspiring Interviews with Leaders in Purpose

• 9 Sections of simple, effective online content

• A individualized life visioning process

• Daily reminders to keep you on track

• Simple practices to get yourself unstuck

• Access to the 2017 Purpose Project Community

The Impact:

• Feel Alive and Inspired

• Improved Emotional Health

• Connected to Purposeful Changemakers

• An Expanded Awakened Heart

• Grounded Feeling of Worth

• Living Your Dream

Plus... a weekly Mastermind Group!

monday nights 7pm video conference

Next new moon: May 25... start class anytime by may 31, 2017

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The Arc of Resistance: A Guide to Manifesting with the Moon Cycle

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